The coordination team

- The MAARS project management structure includes a Coordination Office, a General Assembly, an Executive Board, Work package teams, a Scientific Advisory Board and an IPR panel.

- The Coordination Office consists of the Coordinator Dr. Harri Alenius (FIOH), Vice-Coordinator Dr. Antti Lauerma (UH) and Project Manager Dr. Nanna Fyhrquist (FIOH).

- The General Assembly consists of one representative of each party, as well as the Vice-Coordinator, Project Manager and selected representatives of the parties without the right to vote. In addition, one official from the Commission will be invited, if needed.

-The Executive Board consists of the Coordinator, vice-Coordinator, Project Manager and leaders and co-leaders of each WP.

- The Work Package team consists of selected representatives for a Party having a task within the respective Work Package.

- The Advisory board consists of 3 selected members appointed by the General Assembly.

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