The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) is a multidisciplinary research and specialist institute on occupational health and safety. The main functions of the Institute are research, specialist advisory services, training and dissemination of information.
Prof. Alenius is Head of the Unit of Excellence for Immunotoxicology (UEI) at FIOH and direct a basic and applied research program in the field of allergy and immunotoxicology. His laboratory consists of 18 post- and predoctoral fellows working on several projects: animal models of asthma and atopic dermatitis, immunomodulation in allergy, microbial exposure and inflammation. Prof. Alenius is a member of the steering committee of the EU FP7 funded NANODEVICE project. He was also a member of the steering committee of FP6 NANOHEALTH project and of the two EU FP5 funded projects (CHEMOKINE-ATOPY and WOODRISK).
The Unit has up-to-date laboratories for immunology, molecular biology, proteomics, as well as first class animal facilities. UEI is specialized on murine allergy models and utilizes extensively transgenic and knockout mice in their research. UEI has also fast-real-time PCR system (API PRISM 7500), Luminex 100/200 multiplex system, automated cell separation RoboSep instrument, and BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer.

Main tasks of Alenius’s group
Prof. Alenius is the coordinator of the MAARS project and co-chair of the WP6. The main scientific task of the group is animal experimentation with murine model of AD (WP6).

Previous experience relevant to the tasks
The main strength of the group is in animal models of allergy (refs 2, 3, 4, 5) and innate immunity research. The other major strength is the broad expertise and high-quality equipments to study all aspects of immune responses in the laboratory.

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A short profile of the staff-members involved in the project
Prof. Alenius is the Principal Investigator and Coordinator of the project; expertise in animal models. Senior Scientist Nanna Fyhrquist, will be Project Manager of the MAARS project. Assoc. Prof. Sampsa Matikainen, has over 15 years experience in innate immunity research and has outstanding skills to conduct studies regarding molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry. Post-doctoral fellow Piia Karisola, PhD student Terhi Savinko and PhD student Sari Lehtimäki will be involved in animal experiments of the project.

Read more about this group: //link to group homepage

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