MAARS P10 Fios

Fios Genomics has extensive expertise in experimental design, sophisticated statistical methods, network analysis and pathway biology that, via bioinformatics-based data mining, enables the biological interpretation of data in the relevant context.
Fios provides statistical and bioinformatic data analysis services to clients in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. These services entail rapid analyses of data generated from high-throughput biological platforms for applications such as pharmacogenomics, biomarker discovery, SNP genotyping, predictive toxicology and DNA sequencing.
Using proprietary tools, we have developed a workflow for the automated analysis and subsequent integration of large, complex, high dimensional biological datasets. Automation of these analyses allows for efficient processing of data, offering a significant reduction in the turn-around time. Expert bespoke analyses, manually undertaken, link the outcomes from statistical approaches with bioinformatics, data visualization using powerful network-based tools, and mining to provide an insightful knowledge-based interpretation of data, in the relevant biological context.

Main tasks
Network analysis/ pathway mapping; data integration and mining; and biological interpretation of arraybased transcriptomics data (WP3) and microbiome analysis (WP2). Use output to identify candidates for further study/ validation in WP5 and WP6.

Relevant experience:
The scientific founders and staff of Fios Genomics combine over 60 years expertise in the fields of microarray technology, transcriptomics, genomics, bioinformatics, biostatistics and pathway biology, with collectively, over >250 peer reviewed publications:
1. Ivens AC, et al. Science. (2005) 309(5733):436-42
2. Wilson WH, et al. Science. (2005) 309(5737): 1090-2
3. Doyle M, et al. Science. (2007) 315(5809):251-2.
4. van Dongen S, et al. Nature Methods. (2008) 5(12):1023-5
5. Birmingham A, et al. Nature Methods. (2009) 6(8):569-75
6. Berriman M, et al. Nature. (2009) 460(7253):352-8.
7. Theocharidis A, et al. Nature Protocols. (2009) 4(10):1535-50

Profile of key individuals involved in the project
Dr Al Ivens, Head of Data Analysis, is a molecular biologist with expertise in genomic and microarray analysis and a particular interest in parasite genomics. Having joined Fios Genomics ~18 months ago, he brought many years’ experience gained whilst at the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute, where he was involved in the genome analysis and annotation of several human parasites, as well as leading the Pathogen Microarray Group for ~5 years before leaving to join Fios Genomics. Dr Gary Rubin, Director of Operations will be the Project Manager and Legal Representative for Fios Genomics on the project. The expertise of the company’s Scientific Founders (Prof. Peter Ghazal, Dr Tom Freeman, Dr Anton Enright and Thorsten Forster) will be brought to the project when appropriate.

Read more about this group: //link to group homepage

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